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Prada Wedge Sandals

These wedge sandals will make you look like a million bucks, they're size 38 and look splendid on you with a soft, light-weight fabric and a sturdy, strong clasp. and they're only $22.

Prada Espadrilles Size 39.5
~ Hot Pink ~ 37.5 Or 6.5 Us
Size 40

Prada Wedge Sandals Black

Looking for a versatile pair of sandals that will add a touch of luxury to your look? Then sound out wedge sandals! These versatile shoes are practical for both day and nightime, made from durable and luxurious materials, they will make a statement in any room. Our silver wedge sandals are outstanding for lovers who appreciate the art of walking hand-in-hand with love, the versatile shoes are excellent for either day or night, day or night associated with a romantic moment. and with their playful, pink color, they'll sure to add a little bit of pop to scene, looking for a stylish pair of sandals that will make your look pop? Look no more than the wedge sandals! These stylish sandals are first-rate for a day in the sun or into the night. With a luxurious feel to them, these sandals will make a statement, don't miss out on these must-have items! Looking for a stylish pair of shoes? Search no more than the popular wedges sandals 36. This set of sandals provides a comfortable design and is a good substitute for admirers who are scouring for a versatile piece of clothing.